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PGATA Tour Accreditation Pass 2022-23 Season


Tour Accreditation is available in the following areas:

*Coaches of Tour Players
*Manager/Agent of Tour Member
*Manufacturer/Agent of Golf Equipment for use of Tour Player

  The PGATA accreditation pass is designed to give access to players within locker rooms, public course areas, driving range, putting greens, and practice areas, automatic access is not granted to other areas and may vary from Tournament to Tournament as stipulated by the promoters of the event. The pass holder will be given access on practice days only and not necessarily for Official Tournament days, the pass is to be visible at all times. 

An Accreditation Pass will be required and is compulsory at PGATA Tour events of higher prizemoney value, such as but not limited to -

PGA Championship of Australia
The Australian Open
The New Zealand Open
Victorian Open
TPS Series

Passes will not be issued to undocumented applicants or unrecognized individuals and are issued on approval of PGATA Tour- passes are limited, applicants and credentials will be verified.

The Pass is issued in good faith to professional persons carrying out the above roles, passes are non-transferable and the PGATA may revoke passes at any time to any pass holder in breach of PGA standards and regulations.

Tour Members are responsible for the actions of pass holders with passes, issued in their name, as guided by the PGA Regulations and Policies.

Contact- tour@pga.org.au

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